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Nest.JS, a widely embraced framework for creating server-side applications, stands out due to its popularity. Let's delve into how Nest.JS differentiates itself from other back-end frameworks.

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NestJS: Powering Diverse Server-Side Applications

Nest. JS is a framework that helps build Node. JS server-side applications. The Nest framework is built using TypeScript which allows developers to build highly scalable and testable applications.


Gives you true flexibility by allowing use of any other libraries thanks to modular architecture.


An adaptable ecosystem that is a fully-fledged backbone for all kinds of server-side applications.


Takes advantage of latest JavaScript features, bringing design patterns and mature solutions to Node.js world.


How to work with NestJS?

Developers that utilize NestJS have a leg up on the competition. You simply need to build a new app to get started, and then you're ready to start developing. This framework provides you with a significant head start and also aids you in progressing your app by correctly organizing it.

Expect Great Features

This is a web application that mainly relies on strong HTTP server frameworks like Express or Fastify. Nest is a new Node.js framework that not only imitates but also corrects the flaws of previous Node.js frameworks.


Achieve your goals faster with Nest experts on your team tackling challenging issues right by your side.

Team Trainings

Level up your team by having expert-led Nest training or workshops. Get everyone up-to-speed quickly.

Migration Assistance

We provide comprehensive migration assistance, ensuring you are using the latest and greatest.

Technical Guidance

Enable your team to get the most out of the technology. Ensure your solutions are secure and reliable.

Few of the great features by NestJS

Support for dozens of nest-specific modules that help you easily integrate with common technologies and concepts like Type ORM, Mongoose, GraphQL, Logging, Validation, Caching, WebSockets, and much more.


Technologies & Platforms We Work With

We adopt the most appropriate solution considering the required technology.

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We work with you with these Business Friendly Engagement Model

Fixed Price
Time and Material
Dedicated Hiring

Benefits of our Fixed Price Model

Fixed price model is the best choice for projects with well-defined scope and requirements.
  • Resource, time & cost is discussed before the project begins.

  • Low risk as cost and timeline are predefined.

  • Change in scope only on your approval, ensuring budget never exceeds.

  • Billing is based on milestones completed.

  • Tech Lead is assigned for no additional cost to help you manage your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Yes. According to your requirements and preferences, you can choose between the different Engagement Models we offer.

Yes, if you hire a NestJS developer, he will be solely devoted to your project only. In case you hire an entire NestJS development team, then the team of developers will be working on your development project only.

We follow a simple yet integrated process to work on each of our projects. We ensure the deliverables remain seamless, and flawless and are completed within the set time frame.

Yes. We will sign the NDA at the beginning of the project. When it finishes, we will hand over the entire app, source code, and every project document to you.

There are many types of applications that you can build with NestJS. That includes--
  1. Real-Time Chat Application
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. Single Page Applications
  4. IoT
  5. Streaming App
to name a few.