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Unlock the power of tailored solutions with our custom software development services, where innovation meets efficiency to propel your business forward.

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Turning Ideas into Reality with Customized Development

We help you realize your vision at scale with our custom, seamless, and scalable software that is designed to meet a specific set of needs of users and organizations.

All-in-One Provider

Our services are comprehensive, so we can address your various needs including development, software testing, end-to-end support & maintenance, cloud services, building AI solutions, and so much more.

Minimize Development Costs

Cloud-based architectures, ready-to-use frameworks and platforms, and public APIs make our development services cost-effective and reliable.

Long Term Partnership

We don't just stop at delivering and installing our top-notch Custom Software Solutions. We take it a step further by fostering a long-term partnership through consistent maintenance support, ensuring smooth operations for your business.


Accelerate Your Business with Custom Software Solutions

Take your business to new heights with Patoliya Infotech's custom software solutions. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to accelerating your business growth through innovative software development. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer personalized software solutions tailored to your specific requirements. To discuss your requirements and embark on a transformative software development journey.

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Our Services

Our Custom Software Development Services


Web Development

We use advanced frameworks and popular programming languages to build custom web applications to meet evolving user as well as market demands.


Product Engineering Services

Assessing best-suiting technology stack with product architecture reviews, and product modernization options, backed with our Center of Excellence to produce a strategic roadmap.


Mobile App Development

A mobile app development team builds attractive and robust mobile apps from scratch keeping in mind the customized needs and key objectives and knowing your target audience.


API Development

Our skilled developers offer custom API development and third-party API integration services to extend the functionality of your system and integrate programs.


Cloud Deployment

We help organizations gain benefits like cost control, easy maintenance, flexibility and scalability by using secure websites and apps on cloud deployment.


Software Testing Services

Our product testing services include automated as well as manual testing practices to increase the efficiency of the system and create error-free, flawless software products.

Agile Development Process

We delicately follow the agile + iterative approach for enterprise software development company. The development teams effectively work as per the agile methodology under the powerful guidance of an agile master. Our process includes:



We create concepts based on the logical approach & ensure its feasibility with major technologies.



Our Concepts are turned down into technical models with the help of the innovative ideas.



Technical models get life through architecture, coding, developing, designing and testing.



Development has the complex procedure Therefore, we refine the project before deployment.



Project is thoroughly examined on different parameters including the core client requirements.

Technologies & Platforms We Work With

We adopt the most appropriate solution considering the required technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Custom Software Development is all about ideating, designing, and building tailor-made (custom) solutions according to specific requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom software tends to be unique and fulfill a narrowed set of services. The specifications could be related to a particular industry or field of service or the types of users it caters to.

While the average time taken to build an application from scratch is 3 to 9 months, the actual time duration varies according to the complexity of your project. However, we can let you know the estimated time, once you tell us your app idea and specific requirements.

Yes. At Patoliya Infotech, we offer flexible development services as per your business requirements. Based on your preferences, you can always choose between the Fixed Price model and Time and Material model. To know more about how this works, read more about our Engagement Models.

The actual cost of custom software development can only be estimated along the way or when specific requirements are known. If you wish to know the estimated cost of development, tell us your requirements.

Yes. even after the development is complete and the app is launched, we analyze it's performance and fix if there are any bugs or dysfunctionalities.

Yes. According to your project specifications and preferences, you choose between the Engagement Models and hire a developer on full-time basis.

What Our Clients Says

Our Clients send us bunch of smilies with our services and we love them


Highly recommended. Patoliya restructured our entire node application API using standards-based approach. Good methodical quality work, including preliminary analysis and estimate of cost and deliverables. Thank you, Vijay.

Juan V

Ecuador | US