Logistics Software Development

Integrated logistics & transport IT solutions to meet client needs and add value to the business.

Route Optimization

Planning & Optimization of Routes and Carriers minimizing the total delivery time.

Invoicing Tools

Create invoices and accept online payments to narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

Process Received Orders

Received orders to send inventory to the center, including a tracking number for each shipment.

Enhancing Operations with Advanced Logistics Software Solutions

Comprehensive technology solutions to increase real-time visibility, optimize processes, improve productivity and meet delivery benchmarks.


Fleet Management

Our logistics software solutions offer automated, advanced, and real-time TMS to help businesses manage, plan and optimize the physical movement of goods.

Supply Chain Management

Our services provide management of supply chain activities with cloud-based logistics management software

Transport Management

Our services provide Transport Management of supply chain activities with logistics management software

Innovative Solutions for Advancing the Real Estate Industry

We work to provide cutting-edge and modern solutions for the real estate sector. We design solutions, including real estate mobile apps, CRM/ERP systems, property portals, and more.

Empowering Business Growth: Enhancing Logistics Applications for Automation and Expansion

Additionally, we can ensure that the development of our logistics applications will help both large and small companies implement operational changes that will encourage automation, power management, and all-around business expansion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Creating an application from scratch typically takes between 3 to 9 months, although the exact time required will depend on how complex your project is. But, if you share your app idea and any specific requirements with us, we may let you know the expected time.

From healthcare to retail & eCommerce and real estate to entertainment, travel, and beyond, our services span various industries. To know more about our work, take a glance at the Case Studies

The available technologies have advanced a lot and our developers make sure to stay updated. To know the technologies we work on, refer to our website.

On clients' request, we provide NDA for specific projects. To discuss this, connect with us.

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